Youth Academy

Our Mission is to Develop

Successful Men & Women of tomorrow by providing them today with the (tools) knowledge, information and opportunity to positively and passionately contribute to the progress and success of their collectively communities
Parents who engage with our programs believe in the program and the future of their children. Parents therefore reinforce the mission of the program by supporting their son or daughter in making choices and positive behavioural changes that will ultimately shape their life.

The Academy aims to rise:

  • God fearing/respectful young adults
  • Raise Young adults to honour & respect parents/parent like figures
  • Champions
  • Pioneers
  • Future city takers
  • World Changers
  • World influencers & shapers
  • Market place leaders
  • Dynamic Faith
  • Leaders


The approach we take is quite holistic, forward thinking and solution oriented. Programs are designed to encourage positive attitude, build skills and focus on solutions to present/future challenges. Goals and plans are critically assessed and eventually form an Individual Personal Development Plan. Strategies used includes; Team building days, Seminars, Workshops, Visit to museum & places of interest etc.

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